Vinyl Floor Cleaning and Polishing Palmerston North


Vinyl Floor Cleaning $6 Per Sqm

Vinyl Stairs Cleaning $8 Per Step

Vinyl Floor Strip and Polishing $12 Per Sqm. Apply 2 coats of Polish (Standard)

Vinyl Floor Strip and Polishing $16 Per Sqm. Apply 3 coats of Polish (Heavy Duty)

Vinyl Stairs Cleaning and polishing $15 Per Step

Extra $50 per Room

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Palmerston North Vinyl Floor Cleaning & Polishing


At CleaningPro, we provide ways to protect your beautiful glossy floors long term.

CleaningPro specialises in cleaning, scrubbing and polishing vinyl floors in Palmerston North. Our vinyl floor cleaners use cutting edge machinery and the latest tech to remove all dirt and grease from floors.

You'll be amazed by the end result. Over time stains, dirt and watermarks appear on vinyl floors, compromising shine and smoothness.

These problems can make your floors look dirty, rough and old.

Hire CleaningPro to get your floors cleaned and restored to pristine, brand new condition. Vinyl is known for being smooth and durable. However it can erode over time for various reasons.

So keeping it clean and maintaining the finish is important. CleaningPro will clean and polish your vinyl floors better than anyone else in Palmerston North and surrounding areas. Our tech team inspects your place and provides a no strings attached quote.

Here are the vinyl flooring services CleaningPro offers:

Vinyl floor cleaning and scrubbing in Palmerston North

Does your flooring look dull? It likely needs a thorough clean and scrub. No worries - leave that to us. CleaningPro uses non-toxic, safe and effective chemicals to clean floors. We promise to use safe products that won't leave streaks, stains or other damage. We've been cleaning and shining vinyl floors in Palmerston North for ages. Based on your floor's condition, our skilled experts carefully choose which machines and chemicals to use.

Vinyl floor Striping

Want your floor to have a shiny, pristine glass-like finish? We'll make it happen with our stripping and polishing service. CleaningPro uses top notch machines to remove the worn polish layer and reapply it. Our experts know the ideal balance of pressure needed to scrape floors and bring out the shine. It's crucial to remove stains and polish the floor before they soak in permanently.

Vinyl flooring polishing

Vinyl floor polishing provides a long-lasting, safe and glossy surface that many Palmerston North homeowners want. We apply two coats of gloss to the vinyl floor and use a high grade non-slip polish for excellent protection over time. After just one treatment you'll enjoy your floor's new glossy look!

Prices for vinyl floor cleaning and polishing in Palmerston North

Cleaning vinyl floor is $ 5 per square meter. (Minimum booking 40 Sqm, or $200)

Stairs Vinyl cleaning $ 5 per Step up to a width of 1.5M

Standard -Stripping and polishing $ 12 per square meter; apply 2 coats of Polish (Minimum cost of 40 square meters, or $ 480).

Heavy Duty -Stripping and polishing $ 16 per square meter; apply 3 coats of Polish (Minimum cost of 30 square meters, or $ 480).

Stair stripping and polishing $ 15 per Step up to 1.5M width

**Prices based on continuous areas. Separate rooms/toilets are $50 each extra. Floors must be empty. Over 200 sqm? We'll inspect and provide a discounted competitive quote. Please note customer must move furniture - space should be empty. Check our carpet and tile cleaning too! Floors needing special effort will be quoted after inspection. *CleaningPro can't fix existing floor damage **Customer covers parking costs if no parking available.

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