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Fire Restoration Palmerston North | Smoke Odor Treatment | Soot Removal

Whether small or large-scale, fire causes property damage and financial loss. It also poses health risks to people and property. The smoke released can have adverse health effects through inhalation and deteriorates walls, windows, roofing, etc. The extent of fire damage depends on exposure. Large fires can destroy furnishings, books, and other materials. Much of the damage from fire is irreplaceable. Without proper professional fire cleanup, damage will continue to spread over time.

Common Causes of Fire damage

Accidental sparks often cause fires in kitchens, electrical systems, candles, etc. Our highly trained team is available 24/7 for cleanup and restoration after any such event.

A few of the reasons for fire damage are listed below

  • Smokey Oven Fires
  • Fireworks
  • Turkey Fryer Fires
  • Faulty Electric Blankets
  • Improper Fireplace Maintenance
  • Smoking Electric Fires
  • Lightning Strikes, Candles
  • Oil and Grease Fires
  • Christmas Free Fires
  • Malfunctioning and Improper use of space heater
  • Small Kitchen Fires
  • Creosot Building up in Chimneys and Fireplaces


 The Harmful Effects of Smoke and Soot Damage

Uncontrolled fires in fireplaces and small kitchen fires are major sources of smoke and soot damage. Though limited in scope, they can leave lasting effects throughout a home or office. Fine soot particles spread and stick to surfaces like furniture, ceilings, walls, etc. Composed of acids, soot destroys and poisons flooring, windows, walls, antiques, art, electronics - virtually any surface.

CleaningPro's certified, highly trained professionals provide fire cleanup, soot damage restoration, and smoke damage cleanup to protect your property. We first filter and ventilate the air to limit smoke and soot exposure. Next comes thorough soot removal - cleaning from top to bottom. Fabrics and rubber materials may be washed or vacuumed. Wood cabinets and furniture are often refinished, depending on damage. Ceilings and walls are washed, cleaned and repainted. We attempt to clean and restore metals but will replace items too damaged to salvage.

 What is the Process of Fire Damage Restoration?

Smoke and fire can permanently stain and damage property if not promptly restored. At CleaningPro, we first assess and quote for free. Restoration and cleaning follows:

 Board-Up and Tarp

 Your property will be sealed by CleaningPro after providing a free quote and evaluation. Doors and windows are boarded up for safety purposes. Along with this, we provide a canvas for the rooftop, ceilings, and other building parts to prevent further damage.

Dry Out and Water Extraction

Dehumidifiers and air movers dry the area. We pump and vacuum water. Fast-drying equipment speeds the process, longer if severe damage.

Smoke and Soot Removal

Thermal fogging, ozone treatments, air scrubbers restore walls, ceilings, cabinets, furniture. HVAC systems are cleaned to contain soot spread. Severe damage may require offsite restoration.


 In this step, we deodorise everything, including furniture, ceilings, metals, etc. To prevent mould growth, everything is sanitized.


 At last, the damaged area is organised and brought back to its original state. For this purpose, new carpets, paintings, replacing wooden cabinets, and refinishing the floor have been done.


 Call Cleaning Pro for Credible Fire Clean-up Services

Our extensive fire damage training means prompt, professional response. Don't worry about the damage - we'll restore your property. Contact us immediately as delays worsen conditions. We'll guide you through the process. Reasons to choose CleaningPro:

  • Protection in dangerous fire emergencies
  • Get a free quote without any obligations
  • Single solution for all fire damage problems
  • 24/7 availability, just a call away
  • Fastest response within 30 minutes 
  • Professional and trustworthy services around town.

Don’t forget to contact us if you are looking for credible fire clean-up services.


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