Meth Clean up/ Decontamination Palmerston North

Worried your home was a former meth lab? Our meth testing confirms contamination so we can eliminate it entirely with professional meth cleanup. Our certified techs will meticulously treat every inch of your property with solutions formulated specifically to remove meth residues from surfaces. Walls, floors, countertops, furniture - meth lingers everywhere but we will safely abolish all traces.

You won't find another company on the market today who can clean up places used as meth labs like us!

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Meth Clean up / Decontamination Palmerston North

Meth is an extremely dangerous drug that can pollute your home if methamphetamine is produced or used on the premises. Meth labs are notoriously difficult to fully decontaminate once dissolved. Thankfully, professional meth cleanup services like us exist to thoroughly purge properties of meth residue.

Trust our meth decontamination process to restore safety and health for your family.

Our Meth Decontamination Process

Meth requires specialized disposal methods that are complicated and hazardous without proper training.

Lingering toxins from amateur meth labs permeate household materials undetected, gradually poisoning the indoor air. Surface cleaning or painting over contamination cannot remove these invisible residues. Remediation is expensive but essential.

Toxins couldn't be removed without a long and expensive process, so the facility will have to spend money to fix the problem.

  • We use numbers to figure out what kind of meth is there, where it is, and how much of it there is.
  • Particles can get attached to carpets. We will remove them as soon as possible!
  • After we clean the floor with a HEPA macroscopic mop, which is used to wipe down uncovered hard surfaces (not carpet!), we wash all items outside or in an enclosed room that can be flushed out.
  • We're not too keen on the idea of meth-contaminated air ducts and other parts of the HVAC system, so we take special measures to clean them up.
  • As a final step, we conduct an inspection to make sure that safety levels have been met again.

Meth Clean up at Lower Levels:

Once meth has contaminated a home, it can be extremely difficult to fully remove, as the drug penetrates materials in ways that evade detection.

Our intensive triple-cleaning process excels at removing even subtle traces of meth. We restore properties with minor to moderate meth levels of up to 1.5 μg/100 cm2, eradicating every last remnant thoroughly.

When we finish cleansing your home, you can rest assured knowing our team banished all hints of methamphetamine staining and residue. Your space will be meticulously purified, down to the smallest corners.

Meth Clean-up at High Levels:

For properties with severe meth infiltration, our technicians first thoroughly assess the site to determine required abatement measures. We utilize specialized equipment and solutions to remediate heavy contamination, replacing irrevocably saturated materials if necessary.

It's vital to clear your home during full hazmat-level decontamination work for safety. Once finished, your home will again be completely free of meth toxins.

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Don't live in uncertainty - our team can restore your home's safety. We evaluate the scope of contamination and methodically eliminate every trace of hazardous meth materials, ensuring your property is fully detoxified.

No matter if the job is too big or small. Our team can handle it professionally. And Yes! We offer our service at appropriate and affordable rates. Give us a Call today 067775992 or Email us to remove any trace of Meth from Your Home and Make it Safe.

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