Hourly Cleaning Service Wellington


$55 Per Hour per Cleaner

Call-Out fee $80 per Visit

The minimum visit charge is $245+ GST (3 hours total of cleaning+Call out fee)

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Hourly cleaning service in Palmerston North

CleaningPro has skilled staff and tools to handle all cleaning services in Palmerston North. Our hourly rate starts at $55 per cleaner per hour. Three hours minimum can be hired for our hourly experts. Call 0800405670 for information.

Our housekeeping in Palmerston North is perfect for one-time deep cleaning. We know you want to spend time on what matters - we're here to help! Need post-wedding or corporate party cleaning? Just want pristine floors? Help preparing for a reunion? Book our expert hours now with a click!

Our cleaners come with CleaningPro's specialized cleaners, products and tools for kitchens, bathrooms, walls, windows and/or ceilings. Our eco-friendly products are effective, reliable and fast. Even for time-consuming, urgent cleaning jobs, CleaningPro can give your home and business a clean look within the promised timeframe.

Hourly Cleaning Prices in Palmerston North

Our charge is $55+GST per hour

Minimum of 3 hours $245+ GST  including Call-out fee of $80+GST

One Cleaner $55 Per Hr
A team of two Cleaners $110 Per Hr
A team of three Cleaners $165 Per Hr
A team of four Cleaners $220 Per Hr
Minimum booking for 3 hours 

Call-Out fee $80 per Visit

Price includes products and traveling charges.

To guarantee your home is clean and cozy, it's essential to recruit a company specializing in cleaning. CleaningPro provides superb general housecleaning in Palmerston North at hourly prices plus specialized cleaning such as ovens, carpets and curtains/blinds!

The parking cost must be paid by the customer along with the hourly cleaning service fees.

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